NC State
Huiling Ding

Under development

  1. Rhetorical topoi of financial consulting: Interface with clients & knowledge work.
  2. Resume 2.0 for algorithmic screeners
  3. Content Strategy and Intercultural Rhetorics: Analysis of English Websites of Leading Chinese Universities.
  4. Techno-genre ecologies in automated job screening
  5. Designing Automated, Intelligent Content for Chatbot

Under review & revision

  1. Smart crowdsourcing to bridge the expert-public knowledge gap in risk communication about COVID-19 in the U.S.
  2. Artificial intelligence and change management in technical communication.
  3. Analysis of Technical and Professional Communication: Academic Job Market

Revised and Resubmitted

  1. Building International Partnerships: The Accelerated BA-MS Joint Degree Program. Programmatic Perspective. 
  2. Troyer, L., Men, R., & Ding, H. Technological Influences on Culture: From the internet to big data and AI. Ed. Keyton, Joann. Culture 2.0.
  3. Altarriba, J., Bean, H., Dougherty, D., Ding, H., & Stetyick, A. Communication, Discourse, and Language. Ed. Keyton, Joann. Culture 2.0.
  4. Ding, H., Chen, J., & Zhang, H. Mapping the Transcultural Environmental Risk Communication of PM2.5 in China. Ed. Olman, L. C. Global Rhetorics of Science. SUNY.
  5. Ding, H., & Kong, Y. Artificial Intelligence as Global Assemblages and Global Flows: Corpus-Assisted Analysis of U.S. and Chinese AI Discourses.